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Using animated content on digital signage is a way more effective marketing tool than the old fashioned slideshow with rotating images. Not only does it look more appealing, it instantly grabs attention even from a distance and helps to draw in your customers. When it is thoughtfully placed on a digital menu board or digital signage, the animated content can increase brand engagement and customer satisfaction. When it comes to animated signage, fast food outlets can experience the most benefits. In busy food court environments customer have choice and short attention span. Animated menu boards will make your customers focus for that little bit longer to check out what is happening.

Let’s start with digital signage. In the case of fast food restaurants, quickly catching the eye of customers is important. When customers want to be in and out as quickly as possible, your digital signage or menu board needs to engage them quickly. How do you achieve this? With animated content, of course! A study by Intel UK found that, “Animated digital content consistently attracted 4 to 6 times the number of viewers compared to the equivalent static posters. In addition, the exposure time of the digital signs was substantially longer.” This means that with animated content you have a longer opportunity to promote your marketing materials and get your message across.

Animated content looks more appealing that static images. “Using vibrant visuals and animated content, retailers are conveying brand related messages, promoting their latest products and services and showcasing marketing campaigns.” (Digital Signage Today article) In high traffic situations such as fast food restaurants, impulse sales are important for creating profit. When digital signage is place strategically it can “drive impulse purchases at point of sale.”

Wait time is critical to fast food outlets. Keeping customers satisfied during wait time can be achieved with animated content. Studies by Lavi Industries indicate that, “digital signage reduces perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35%.” (Point of Sale article). They will feel as though they are waiting for less time, and you can promote brand messages and marketing. This is a very valuable tool for the fast food industry.

Digital menu boards are not a simple replacement of the static posters and hand drawn blackboards. Digital menu boards open up a whole range of opportunities to directly influence buyer’s decisions at the point of purchase.

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