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Benefits of a Touch Screen Kiosk

Any business which has a focus on customer service can benefit from a touch screen kiosk. Common examples include clubs, food outlets, retail stores, banks, casinos, shopping centres, and airlines. These kiosks can help improve customer experience, expand your digital marketing, and speed up your service processes. All you need is a large enough customer base to enjoy it.

Customer experience

If your business places a focus on customer satisfaction, then a touch screen kiosk can improve their experiences. When faced with a kiosk, customers can take their time to view content which appear on the screen. They can also check their membership status if they have joined your customer loyalty program. Customers can browse options, products or promotions at their leisure. Essentially, touch screen kiosks can optimise the experiences of your customers. “Interactive touch screens can help customers find out more information on a product, read reviews, watch videos, find related products and check availability bringing the informative online experience in-store.” (Digital Signage Today, article)

Digital marketing

When you install a kiosk, you are adding a platform to your omni channel marketing. (Catch up here if you’re confused about omni channel.) “…kiosks offer an immediate and direct connection with a customer that can increase brand loyalty in a very memorable way.” (Digital Signage Today, article) Using a content management system, you can update your kiosk to display specific marketing materials. Not only will this minimise publication costs, but it will quickly reach customers with very little effort.

Streamline service with a touch screen kiosk

“In these new-breed kiosks, the signage acts as a virtual salesperson. Using touch screen interactivity, customers can educate themselves about the products being sold and make purchasing decisions on the spot.” (Digital Signage Today, article) You can speed up your staff when you have a kiosk doing some of their work. While they don’t replace face-to-face interactions, kiosks can take some of the tasks off the staffs’ hands. This leaves them with time to complete other tasks. How’s that for efficiency? They can also be used to assist with wayfinding. Wayfinding can be added to touch screen kiosks to help customers find facilities quicker. It also gives venue managers and marketeers the opportunity to promote facilities and offers that some of their customers would not necessarily know exist. Touch screen kiosks with wayfinding options can be installed in a venue foyer. Touch screen kiosks will help visitors understand the layout of the building through interactive maps, a calendar of events and directories.

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