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Digital Marketing Forecast 2016

Juicy Interactive stays ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing. We are connoisseurs of digital signage, mobile loyalty and touch screens . Using our industry knowledge (and a bit of research), we have forecast digital marketing trends of the future.

Keeping it simple

Minimalistic has been very popular design trend. We don’t think this won’t be changing any time soon. Designs which are modern are easy to view, and can convey powerful digital marketingmessages. Think of Google’s recent logo update; the current logo is streamlined and simple. Best of all, it’s unmistakable. This approach doesn’t only apply to logos. This trend extends to web design, graphic design and marketing materials. Similarly, the ‘less is more’ approach to content rings true. You don’t need to stuff your digital signage with buzzwords and images. Be clear and direct with your message.

Digital marketing with loyalty

Loyalty programs have been around for decades, which suggests they are an effective marketing tool. In the next year, we suggest that brands will ditch loyalty cards in return for digital loyalty programs. Sure, apps for digital marketing are nothing new. However we may see an increase in digital loyalty programs created for small businesses such as cafes.

Mobile loyalty programs with unattainable membership levels like pyramid schemes aren’t effective. Juicy Interactive combats this with mobile loyalty programs which are easy to use. We focus on loyalty apps which interact with customers using rewards and promotions.

Adding the personal touch (figuratively and literally)

digital marketingDigital marketing generally has to be personable for it to be effective. Any brand with a decent social media following ensures that their brand has some personality. Advertising campaigns with a personality such as Compare the Market/Compare the Meerkat are appealing to audiences. Dairy giants Bulla have launched a campaign which focuses on the brand’s sense of self. Basically, marketing with personality is here to stay. In 2016, we expect to see an increase in touch screen kiosks. This adds a whole new meaning to interactive marketing.


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