Digital Menu Board

Innovative Digital Menu Board

The Bomaderry Bowling Club really wanted to use Digital Menu Boards to change the member experience in their busy Bistro.  The idea was to include Live Keno and Foxtel TV on part of the huge 65 Inch Signage Displays that are placed as partitions leading up to the Point of Sale.  In addition, we created a Lava Lamp style looking video as background to the text to add an interesting component of depth and movement.  To top it off we are adding some animated HTML logos and text to attract the member’s attention to daily specials.

The great thing about our Digital Menu Boards is that we can layer content in different zones.  This allows us to play 2 separate videos at the same time and overlay easy update able live text and images.  Besides have amazing graphics capabilities, the JUICY Digital Menu Boards are super easy to update through our free mobile app or website.  All pricing can be centrally managed through an Excel Spreadsheet.

Our talented team delivers complete solutions.  Having creative talent that understand how the technology can be used makes all the difference.

Start selling your best grossing products and engage with your customers.

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