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Get with the Times; Get a Digital Menu Board

Digital media is no longer just a craze. Most businesses have evolved to using screens and devices with the prefix ‘i’. Even the most old-fashioned business person can’t deny this. Juicy Interactive is all about creating digital solutions which are simple to use, and will generate profit for you. For restaurants, cafes and bars, a digital menu board is an easy solution for standing out from the crowd.

Benefits of a digital menu board

First and foremost, let’s talk costs. A digital menu board will cut your printing costs. No more binding, publishing, or printing menus. Best of all, a digital menu will generally pay for itself in around six to nine months.

Most restaurants and hospitality businesses update their menus seasonally. This ensures your dishes are using in-season produce. However, these updates can be time consuming if you are changing your printed menu every few months. Updating your digital menu board will take significantly less time than printing new ones. Additionally, price changes, specials and promotions can be added in just a few clicks. Schedule and advertise your highest grossing products and daily specials months in advance. Easy peasy!

Aesthetics are critical for any menu design. It needs to be easy to read and visually appealing. Juicy Interactive loves making clients’ menu ideas a stunning reality. We can assist in the design process, and give you the knowledge to change it yourself in the future.

Let Juicy Interactive transform your menu design and add innovation to your business.

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