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Digital Sign: Mannequins of the Future

Digital signage is an effective marketing tool which captures attention. Research by Samsung revealed that 84% of UK retailers believe that a digital display creates substantial brand awareness. Swapping traditional marketing tools for digital is a proven way to connect with a modern audience. Retailers are more frequently using websites and mobile apps to communicate. Why stop there? Ditch your store front mannequin for a digital sign.

Imagine the influence of a video on a store front digital display. High quality videos are far more engaging than a static display. You can capture the attention of your customers before they even enter your store. Similarly, while you are waiting for a friend or partner, you could be entertained by videos, news updates, or social media feed. By adding a digital sign, your customers will recognise that the brand is connected to their audience. Of course, this is not exclusive to retail – digital signage in and around hospitality businesses works in the same way.

A digital sign should be consistent with your brand’s image. Juicy Interactive strive to create solutions which surpass the expectations of our clients, and creates a stunning impression on customers. We are based in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, so we understand the business environment our clients are in.

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