digital signage costs

Digital Signage Costs

Digital signage costs vary from case to case. There is no one size fits all answer. Due to this, there are many factors to account for when installing digital signs for your business. Of course, there is the cost of purchase and installation. When thinking about total cost of ownership (TCO), you also need to consider maintenance, software updates, and content creation.


Maintenance and support

Digital signage requires a degree of maintenance. Cabling, the physical installation and power supply all need to be maintained to ensure the system is running well. “Because digital signage involves electronics, occasional failures in the field will be a fact of life.” (Commercial Integrator, article) You may need support every now and then, so consider the costs involved.


Software such as content management systems (CMS) may require occasional updates. “The most common operational cost associated with software relates to subscription fees.” (Commercial Integrator, article) These subscription/licensing fees are significantly less expensive than having your own in-house media system.


Whether you create new content in-house or by an outsourced team, content creation will take time (therefore money). It will need to be carefully strategized to meet your marketing goals. If you can’t invest the time into creating a rock solid plan, then there is no point in having digital signage. This Scala article has some fantastic content tips to help fine-tune your content and marketing.

Digital signage costs can offset other business expenses

  • Printing and paper costs are significantly lowered,
  • Scheduled updates means staff won’t be wasting time distributing promotional material,
  • Engaged employees are more productive. “Digital signage solutions create a culture of engagement that builds morale through employee recognition…” (RMG Networks, article)


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