Juicy Touch Screen Kiosk ready for action

Loyalty Kiosks are high traffic devices that Clubs rely heavily on to operate their Loyalty programs.  It is often taken for granted that a single Club loyalty Kiosks needs to do over 300 customer interactions a day without failure.  Club members can get really upset if they cannot get their daily discount voucher or raffle ticket.  When the marketing team from Saint Marys Leagues club came to us to replace their dated and end of life foyer kiosks with something better we knew we were in for a challenge.

On June the 6th we installed our brand new Touch Screen Kiosks concept which consist of 3 large 42 inch Touch Screens that are built into the wall.  In idle mode The Kiosks function as large interactive advertising screens allowing patrons to retrieve information on promotions, events and entertainment, dining and others.  Members can swipe their card to print tickets/vouchers, earn points and other rewards and get a complete status of their member account including tier, bonus point balances and renewal dates.

The kiosks performance has been great with an absolute minimum of rejected cards swipes and no downtime whatsoever.  In the month of June the kiosks processed over 8,000 member swipes, awarded close to 150,000 bonus points and printed close to 3,500 tickets for raffles and discounts.  During the Major Badge draw night on Friday 15th of July we printed more than 2,000 tickets in less than 4 hours.

The Juicy Touch Screen kiosk is an ideal medium to engage with customers using animated content, Video, Images and User generated content from Social Media as well as way finding.  All content and promotions can be managed from a single location from our Cloud Platform.  Location is not a problem all we need is an internet connection!

Getting the basics right first with Touch Screen Kiosks is an absolute must!!!

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