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Omni Channel – WTF is it?

Omni channel is a buzzword which you may hear often, but not really understand. Don’t worry, we get it. To put it as simply as possible, omni channel is marketing across different platforms or ‘channels’. This includes traditional and digital methods of marketing. Traditional includes in-store marketing, print advertising, and face to face customer service. Digital includes advertising on social media, touch screen kiosks, mobile loyalty, apps and online stores. The most successful approaches include both traditional and digital platforms.

How can omni channel work for my business?

Take a restaurant for example. A customer sees your digital signage promoting a special deal. They walk in and are greeted with face to face customer service. The customer looks over a digital menu board and chooses their meal. While they are waiting for their food, they can be engaged by digital signage which provides news, weather, and marketing materials. After being served their meal, the customer might download your mobile loyalty app. Your brand has been consistent, positive and engaging. The chances are, you will see that customer again!

The same can be said for retail stores: “Having a rich omni channel presence will help you make more sales because people can make purchases easily. People can get what they want, the way they want it, how they want it.” (Digital Signage Today, blog post)

Juicy Interactive provides digital solutions for marketing. We specialise in touch screen kiosks, digital signage, digital menu boards and mobile loyalty. Combining these digital marketing solutions is great for creating omni channel experiences.

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