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Simple ways Clubs and Hotels can improve their digital marketing efforts.

Digital media has become the preferred channel for customers to stay in touch with their favorite Clubs and Hotels.  Social and digital media are also the easiest and cheapest to maintain.  3 reasons Clubs and Hotels should implement social media and in-house digital signage as a key digital marketing strategy to improve their customer experience.


Less is often better.  Keep it simple with Digital Menu Boards.  Schedule your menu by time of day or day of week and reduce the amount on the price list to Lunch or Dinner only.  This leaves space for images to highlight your highest grossing products or daily special.  Your customer will decide within 20 seconds.  Good Digital Menu Boards are a cost effective way to engage and influence customers and sell more.


Eye catching content using videos, slideshows and social media feeds will attract your customer’s attention.  People love to see their own selfies, product reviews mixed with other ads on a social media wall.  Post a photo of the daily special to Instagram and see it appear instantly on your menu boards and in-house digital signage screens.  Digital signage screens consistently attract 4 to 6 times the number of viewers that static printed poster and banners do.


A touch screen kiosk is the public face of your loyalty program.  Customers love to receive raffle ticket, discount vouchers and Bonus Points.  A touch screen kiosk can also help your customers to their favorite entertainment through the interactive advertising and messaging channel for events and promotions.  Other useful functions that can be integrated into a foyer kiosk are way-finding and directory board applications.  Being able combine a number of functions into a single piece of hardware also makes sense from a ROI perspective.  Over time digital signage beats printed banners and poster in effectiveness and costs.


Juicy Interactive specialises in digital menu boards, kiosks, loyalty apps and digital signage solutions. Our products are cost effective and easy to use.  Successful delivery of our solutions comes from understanding our customer’s business drivers.

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