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Social Media and Digital Signage

social mediaSocial media is the current way to communicate with customers. Love it or hate it, but it isn’t going anywhere. Customers check Facebook pages for reviews, and scroll through Instagram feeds instead of catalogues. Businesses with an online presence can communicate with customers and create brand loyalty. Juicy Interactive mixes social media and digital signage together for an attention-grabbing customer experience.

Any business where digital signage appears, so can a social media feed. This includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) hotels, restaurants, bars, retailers, clubs, events, sport venues, and gambling venues. These feeds are multi purpose. You can encourage more likes, follows and customer engagement. This is particularly important for businesses which heavily rely on customer satisfaction. Using social feeds also creates a great balance between promotional content and user-generated content. When it comes to user-generate content, it can be moderated before being displayed on digital signage. When people see user-generated content, it can encourage involvement with your brand’s social media platforms.

A social media wall is a live and usually filtered feed of social posts from sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that are displayed on a digital signage display or video wall. Social media walls are a great way to engage customers with your brand by encouraging them to share posts that will appear on-screen within seconds. A live wall will encourage your customers to talk about your business while they’re visiting it. When that happens, your customers are actually doing your social media marketing for you. Social media feeds are a great way to increase likes and followers for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Integrating social feeds into digital signage also helps with maintaining brand consistency. If you’re putting in time, effort and money into well formatted promotional materials, isn’t it right to do the same with your digital signage? Juicy Interactive ensures that your digital signage will match your brand’s image. Our content management system also ensures that your signage is always uniform.

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